The NÉW Normal

Your health, safety and trust are important to us! NÉW Lounge implements extreme health and safety protocols in all our lounges. We can't wait to see you at lash! ✨

How to secure an appointment?

Step 1

Step 1

Click the BOOK NOW button above and select your preferred branch, date and time of appointment.

Step 2

Step 2

Fill out the online health screening form to be given after booking your lash appointment.

Step 3

Step 3

Expect a call within 24 hours before your lash appointment from our reservations officer for the health screening interview. Lash Dolls will be asked to provide a brief medical & travel history before proceeding with the booking process.

Hey Lash Dolls, we’d like to ask for your help as we transition to the NÉW normal. Please read further for our implementation of extreme safety protocols in our lounges.

  1. No walk-ins nor companions are allowed in all lounges, all lash sessions should be pre-booked online.

  2. No Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), no entry policy. Lash Dolls must wear a set of personal protective equipment (PPE) during your lash procedure. You may purchase at the lounge for only Php 350 if you don’t have one yet! It’s washable, reusable & it also comes in a tote bag!

  3. Anyone with a body temperature of 37.6 C and above, with coughs, colds, or body pains, will not be allowed in the lounges.

  4. Upon booking of lash appointment, Lash Dolls will be asked to provide a brief medical & travel history and undergo a short interview to be conducted by our reservations officer over the phone. Should a client be found to have traveled within the last 14 days or could have been sick with flu-like symptoms such as fever, coughs, colds or body pains, our reservations officer has the right to refuse to book a client. We shall, however, check back after 14 days from the onset of the symptoms if the client is well or has obtained medical clearance.

  5. There will be frequent cleaning of all surfaces before and after each appointment is done, as well as daily defogging, anti-bacterial misting, and the presence of high-grade air purifiers.

  6. All lounges have face shield panels, acrylic barriers, and UV sterilizers for disinfecting of tools.

  7. Safety protocol guidelines and markers for social distancing are posted in various areas of our lounges to serve as a guide for all.

  8. Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs are provided for all our staff at the lounge.

  9. We encourage cashless transactions. You may pay online to secure an appointment or may bring exact payment and seal it in an envelope at the reception area. We also accept GCash QR code & card terminals in selected lounges.

  10. All health screening validation done by our reservations officers is only valid within 24 hours. For re-bookings, a new set of health screening validation will be conducted prior to your appointment.

NÉW Lounge’s responsibility to our growing community is to create a safe place, a second home for our beloved lash dolls. Here are our safety & health protocols for our lash specialists.

  1. Our employees attended a 2-week safety & hazard training before we resumed our operations. They are taught to monitor themselves and immediately report should they develop any symptoms of COVID-19.

  2. We provide regular medical screening done every 2 weeks with our company doctor. Our lash specialist will show proof of NEGATIVE swab test result to each client before the start of the procedure. All our regular employees are covered by our corporate HMO account from a reputable provider should they need immediate access to medical services.

  3. Employees are not allowed to take public transport. The majority of them reside at company-provided accommodations for their safety.


We got our first jabs!

We are making sure to take part in the solution to end this pandemic. Together, we are healing as one!